Hull is a flat city. A city that offers accessible transport for all modes of travel. There are a number of ways you can get around Hull. 

As the city’s transport network evolves to include more active forms of travel, we want people to be equipped with the right tools in order to make informed travel choices.

The vision for Hull is to create a sustainable transport network that is accessible for everyone.

For shorter journeys by making the choice to -

  • walk
  • bike
  • bus

You’re not only helping the environment, but also -

  • improving your health
  • avoiding congestion
  • making cost savings in the long-term
Gavin Holborn

"The new on-road cycle lanes and off-road cycle tracks in and around the city are really useful. I can get where I need to go quickly and conveniently” - Gavin Holborn, Hull cyclist

Paul Schofield"There is so much rich history and so many stories to tell all around Hull and guided walks, themed trails and mapped routes are often the best way to bring these to life” - Paul Schofield, Hull tour guide


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