SET THE WHEELS IN MOTIONtwo adults and two children playing on bicycles

Cycle your way to a cleaner, greener and healthier Hull.

Plans in Hull to improve cycling infrastructure and break down barriers to getting in the saddle continue at pace.

The expanding network of on-road cycle lanes, off-road cycle tracks, quiet streets and open spaces provides the opportunity to choose quicker, more convenient and cost-effective modes of travel, such as cycling, whether it be for leisure, for making short journeys, such as errands or visiting family and friends locally, or for your daily commute.

Transport is now the biggest emitter of CO2 and the Government’s Net Zero Strategy recognises that a change to greener and more sustainable transport is key to helping reduce these.

In a bid to encourage walking and cycling and the ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030, Hull City Council is continuing to deliver on plans to improve cycling facilities and offer sustainable travel options for everyone

Access further information on the cycle routes in Hull.

The council offers a range of cycling and pedestrian skills training.

The council funds a whole host of services to keep you in the saddle.

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Modeshift STARS

Modeshift STARS supports people to travel actively.

Bike it groups

There are a number of community based cycling groups.

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Keep-up-to-date with new schemes and consultations.