Modeshift STARS


Modeshift STARS (business) recognises workplaces that go above and beyond in developing, implementing, and monitoring an effective travel plan to bring about a change in travel behaviour and reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys to, from and between their sites.

Sites are awarded Approved, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding accreditation.

Hull City Council present Holiday Inn Hull Marina with its Modeshift STARS certificate.

Holiday Inn Hull Marina presented with its Modeshift STARS certificate

Hull City Council offers businesses and organisations within the city the chance to join Modeshift STARS for free as part of its strategic objective of promoting active travel choices.

The benefits and advantages of a workplace travel plan, include -

  • reductions of single car occupancy journeys, which helps alleviate pressure and congestion across site car parks
  • identifying availability and accessibility of viable alternative transport options, based on staff locations
  • potential to improve and develop site connectivity links through sustainable and active travel
  • improving staff wellbeing, with physical and mental health benefits

You can find out more about the Modeshift STARS programme on episode 2 of The Hull City Council Podcast.

If your business or organisation would like to take part in the Modeshift STARS programme, contact Caitlynne Picot, travel plan officer (business) at Hull City Council, at


Modeshift STARS (education) is a programme designed to encourage youngsters to travel actively.

They work with schools in Hull to promote active travel options offering training to children and young people to develop their confidence and skills to make their journey to school by bicycle.

two children being awarded a certificate

First Step Sports Group are delivering the programme on behalf of us, and can assist with -

  • the application process
  • how to complete initiatives
  • how to achieve the Modeshift STARS accreditation

Set up your STARS team, agree and set your aims.

There are 5 steps to the process including - 

  • assessing your current travel and transport situation
  • defining your objectives and setting your targets
  • developing and implementing your action plan
  • getting accredited
  • monitor, refresh, maintain and progress