National Bus Strategy

Following the publication of the National Bus Strategy 15 March 2021. 

The Government wants every Local Transport Authority (LTA) and bus operators in England to be in a statutory Enhanced Partnership or a franchising arrangement, using existing powers in the Bus Services Act 2017. The Department for Transport (DfT) have advised local authorities should create an Enhanced Partnership in the first instance.

LTA’s wishing to pursue franchising must be able to satisfy the Secretary of State that they have the capacity and resources to deliver the franchised model chosen.  Since franchising can take several years, and the DfT want to deliver change for all parts of the country quickly, DfT have advised LTAs should commit to establishing an Enhanced Partnership in the meantime. 

By working in partnership, we can build upon mutual cooperation as we recover from the pandemic, as reliable bus services in Hull and surrounding areas will be central to supporting the reopening of society, as communities start to return to their town and city centres for work and leisure. The Government advises we have a unique chance to change the way in which local bus services are planned and delivered, to bring significant long-term improvements for passengers.

These arrangements bring together the important skillsets and contributions of both parties, critical to a strong bus network. The Government expects to see a commitment to developing an Enhanced Partnership by the end of June 2021.  LTAs will need to work with bus operators on targets for improving passenger numbers, reliability and passenger satisfaction in order to be eligible for future Government funding.

We have reviewed the available options and agreed to develop an Enhanced Partnership.

As required under the Bus Services Act 2017 please find our Notice of Intent to implement an Enhanced Partnership by April 2022 below - 

Notice of Intent

If you require further information please contact -