Council appoints First Step Sports to deliver road safety provision in the city

children in high visibility gear waiting to cross a road

Hull City Council has committed to continuing cycle training for adults and pedestrian skills training for children.

Hull City Council has committed to continuing cycle training for adults and pedestrian skills training for children through sessions delivered by First Step Sports Group.
The new contract agreed by the council with the physical activity and training provider will see the popular ‘Rusty Riders’ cycle programme, which provides free cycle training to help adults get back in the saddle and feel more confident, continue for a further two years while pedestrian skills training – commonly known as Green Cross Code training – will continue to be provided in all Hull Primary Schools for an additional three years.
From 2020 to 2023, more than 450 adults have completed the Rusty Riders programme while 8,419 pupils have undertaken Green Cross Code training across the city.
Councillor Mark Ieronimo, cabinet portfolio holder for transportation, roads and highways, said 

“There is no substitute for having the essential skills to stay safe on our city’s roads.
“The Rusty Riders programme for adults and Green Cross Code training for our young people are crucially important in supporting the council to improve road safety and to encourage more people to consider more active and sustainable forms of transport, such as walking, cycling and bus travel, for leisure and their day-to-day journeys, both now and in the future.”

Rob Brown, managing director at First Step Sports Group, said 

“We are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with Hull City Council for the delivery of Rusty Riders and Pedestrian Skills.
“Promoting road safety and awareness throughout our city has always been incredibly important to us.
“With the support of the council, we aim to inspire and educate people from across the city on how to stay safe on the street, whilst adopting more environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of transport.”

The Rusty Riders programme is a modern urban cycle training course for adults who wish to brush up on their cycling skills.
The two-and-a-half-hour session is designed to refresh the skills of adults returning to cycling by preparing them to cycle safely and confidently on Hull’s roads.
The training is delivered by qualified cycle instructors to Individuals.
More information about the scheme or details to book a free place can be found on the Hull Travel website.

Published: 15th January 2024