Operating times for city’s bus lanes to change from next week

Councillor Mike Ross, leader of Hull City Council, with one of the new signs promoting the changes to bus lane operating times

Following confirmation of traffic regulation orders (TROs) earlier this year and the

Following confirmation of traffic regulation orders (TROs) earlier this year and the recent installation of new signage, Hull’s bus lanes will change from their current all-day operation.  

On Monday 18 March, bus lane operating hours will change to peak time only, with the restrictions applying equally to bus lanes both into and out of the city.  

From Monday, motorists should adhere to the new operating times, which will see the lanes in operation for buses, taxis, and bikes between 7am and 9.30am and 4pm and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday. Outside of these times, the lanes are available for use by all traffic.

The only exception will be the Carr Lane bus gate, which will remain in operation 24/7.

In addition to the change in operating times, the TROs also amend the prohibition of waiting and loading restrictions on Holderness Road, Beverley Road and Spring Bank during peak hours to remove the ability for vehicles to wait or load within the bus lanes during peak times, making the operation of the bus lanes more efficient and safer for cyclists.

Councillor Mike Ross, leader of Hull City Council, said: “The council carried out the city's biggest ever traffic and transport survey, with more than 20,000 responses received from local people expressing views on what they wanted to see happen to Hull's highway network. 

“Most people said they wanted a change from the current all-day bus lane operating times. In line with this feedback, as well as through consultation with stakeholders, and consideration of available data, a decision that balances the needs of all members of the travelling public has been made for Hull's bus lanes to operate at peak times only. 

“Real change takes time, and I would like to thank our residents for their patience and understanding while this work has been completed.

“The new bus lane operating times demonstrate the council’s commitment to addressing traffic issues and congestion.

“With this matter now resolved, the council is keen to see the city's highway network and transport system continue to evolve and move forward.

“We want to support and promote sustainable and active travel choices through our work with the Hull Bus Alliance and by further investing in off-road cycle lanes, such as those planned for Freetown Way and Preston Road.”

Published: 15th March 2024